Which are the Best Winter Travel Destinations in India?

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A slight tilting of the Earth’s axis causes a temperature drop and a change in the seasons. As soon as winter arrives, India starts to prepare for traveling across the natural trails of the peninsula. Winter in India means a large string of fairs and festivals, holidays and vacations. People plan their vacation according to their moods. Some prefer for an enchanting beach holiday while some wishes to get intoxicated by the natural beauty of hill stations or get drenched into the culture and heritage of the deserts and southern parts. Among the never ending list of winter travel destinations, here is a detailed list of the best winter holiday destinations in India.


kashmir - One of best winter travel destination
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Kashmir’s beauty is world famous and thus this winter destination is reputedly known as the Paradise of India. Snow- capped mountain peaks, colorful unique flowers, beautiful valleys, clouds floating over the mountains and sun kissing the peaks are the main beauty factors of Kashmir. People who wish to enjoy staying in boat houses then Kashmir is a perfect place for them.


Gulmarg - Winter holiday destinations
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Now, regarding Gulmarg it is needed to be mentioned that this is yet another amazing winter travel destination. It is situated 52 km away from Srinagar and bears an altitude of 2,690 meter. A nearby view of snowy hills is the best part of this place. Its pleasant weather plays the key role in attracting tourists.


Shimla - winter destinations in india 
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Another amazing destination is Shimla which is in Himachal Pradesh and is affectionately considered to be Queen of all hill stations. This town is pampered by snowfall during winter months. Adventurous trekking trails and scenic beauty are the prime attractions of Shimla.


Manali - best winter travel destination in india
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Among a large number of hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, Manali is another well-known and preferred winter destination in India. Manali’s winter sports, mountains laden with white snow, beautiful valleys are enough to make the holidays memorable and pleasurable.


Rajasthan holiday destinations
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India is wearing a crown of culture, heritage, tradition and beauty. Among the precious stones of this precious crown, Rajasthan is truly an expensive sparkling jewel. This place is reputed and treated as the region of raja- maharajas. Rajasthan, the largest state of India is rich with cultural heritage. Rajasthan’s forts, havelis, stunning palaces, museums, and monuments are the main attractions.If one willing to spend the winter holidays just like the rajas then it is the perfect destination for them.


Goa best holiday destination
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Goa, the smallest state of India is the famous beach holiday destination. Though small in size, yet this state is blessed with many best beaches of the world. Unlimited fun, pleasure, entertainment, adventure are the main gifts that this state presents the tourists. Goa’s night life, sea food, scenic beauty and beaches attract people from all over the world.


Kerala - travel destinations in india
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If someone is looking for a winter destination which is nature friendly then Kerala is the place he should opt for. Kerala is known as ‘God’s own country’ because of its lush greenery, arresting back waters, mesmerizing sandy beaches and waterfalls, rich diverse culture and Stunning wildlife. All these put together make Kerala a destination almost equal to a dream.