Top 10 Best Hill Stations in India

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India is referred as the unique land full of diversity. Diversity in matters of culture, heritage, landscapes, wildlife and the list thus continues. India is full of exotic places starting from the snow enchanting Himalayas to the coastal areas of the south. Thus, whenever someone is planning to enjoy a vacation in India then he is surely going to be confused as a lot of option will be there in front of him. For those who prefer to spend a few days within the lap of nature and wishes to breath in natural fresh air along with feeling the essence of forests and waterfalls then they must visit hill stations. India has a large number magical hill stations. Now, to remove this confusion here is a list of the top 10 hill stations in India.

Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong - One of the best hill stations in india
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Meghalaya’s capital city Shillong is world famous as this beautiful hill station receives the highest amount of rainfall in the entire world. Shillong is considered to be a charming hill station which is the home of India’s favorite Blues band, Soulmate. Thus, this hill station is also famous for the vast music scene.

Darjeeling, west Bengal

Darjeeling - India hill station
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Darjeeling is a preferred of tea lovers as this hill station is enclosed by large number of emerald- green tea plantations over the slopes of mountains. The natural beauty of Darjeeling and the view of sunrise are the attractions of this place. Tourists are very much fond of enjoying the ride of Toy Train. Toy Train ride helps tourists to absorb and explore the beauty of this marvelous place.


Nainital - famous hill station in india
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Nainital is a famous hill station in India. This small town is located amidst the Kumaon range of Uttarakhand. This famous hill station is an eye retreat for nature admirers. Trails for walking along the forested hill sides are the best way to feel its beauty. A busy market is also present here in Nainital.


Shimla - Best hill station in India
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Shimla is known to be the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Green meadows and snow covered peaks of Himalayas surround this hill station. The hills of this marvelous place are mixed with colonial era’s structures.


Mussoorie India hill station
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Mussoorie is renowned by the name of ‘Queen of the Hills’. Mussoorie being one of the best hill stations in India is located thirty four kilometers away from Dehradun. The main attractions of this place are the view of the snowy white Himalayan peaks and the outstanding view of the lush green Doon Valley. Tourists may either walk across the Mall road or may sit idle at LalTibba, highest point of Mussoorie and observe the snow covered hills.


Ooty - Hill station
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This place in Tamil Nadu is established by the British and is famous for being a summer retreat. Its nickname is ‘Snooty Ooty’. Ooty is basically a delight for the eyes. This hill station is filled up with fenced gardens full of flowers, cottages, terraced green botanical gardens and churches with thatched roof. There are plenty of pine trees in the quieter regions of Ooty.


Manali - One of the best hill stations in india
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This famous hill station in India welcomes all sorts of people. Adventure lovers spend the vacation by doing rafting, trekking, paragliding etc.Nature lovers spend their time hanging around the small villages.Rohtang Pass offers eye- catching views of peaks, glaciers and valleys.


Srinagar - India
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The scenic beauty of Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar attract tourists since immemorial times. This enchanting snowy hill station is famous for historical gardens, charming house boats etc. The location of this place is on the lap of Kashmir Valley.


Tawang - best in india
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Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is a blend of history, culture, nature and religion. Buddhist monasteries, gompas, war memorials are the basic tourist attractions. As soon as the travellers start ascending the hills Tawang begin to cast its magical spell of beauty.


Matheran - best tourist place in india
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Foot trails, shady green forests and breath taking natural views are the facts that define Maharashtra’s hill station, Matheran. Motor vehicles are not allowed here.