Dog Training
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Humans are considered to be the best creations of God on Earth . Humans were differentiated from other animals, and were considered superior to them due to their powerful brain and heart . From discovering fire to reaching the moon , you name it and we have done it all. With technological advancement and scientific growth , we have done all the impossible things that one couldn’t imagine of. But with development , we tended to lose the most essential element that made us humans , that is Humanity , little by little, every day , every minute.

Dogs are considered as Man’s best friend. Indeed they are. Their loyalty towards their masters are unimaginable and unquestionable. They might not be intelligent like humans , but they are way ahead of humans in terms of loyalty and faithfulness. One can almost exemplify their concern for their masters , like a mother would for her child. God might have created them with two additional legs and a tail , but they have an amazing heart and ability to sense and judge things extremely quick. If it finds its master depressed or angry , or in trouble , it could do anything that is needed to be done for its master , such is their sensibility.

Contrastingly , we humans are losing humanity at a rapid and alarming pace. We kill dogs brutally for their skin to be used as fancy garments and accessories so as to maintain our social status. In a show of our economic standard and fashion statement , we don’t mind or think twice about the brutality of the act that is performed to provide us with the luxuries

Moreover , often new of stray dogs being beaten up inhumanly , come out. One do not think about the absurdity of such incidents that hold us guilty and answerable to humanity , if not to ourselves.

Dogs are at least loyal to their masters , whom they can give their lives for. While we humans often find it hard to even do small things for our parents who gave us birth , or for our family that protects us , forget about doing something for an outsider. In today’s time , loyalty and humanity are the two words that have been erased from our dictionary. In the present situation , where a girlfriend cheats over her boyfriend , or a son kills his parents for property , or a friend betrays friendship for some better job or a better position , dogs still set examples for loyalty that is being minimized into just a term without any meaning whatsoever.

Indeed , dogs are better , much better than humans , without humanity. It might would have been better if dogs were made superior than humans on earth , or may be it is still possible , but only in a science fiction or an animated film.