Franklin D. Roosevelt Net Worth

Franklin D Roosevelt Net Worth
Franklin D Roosevelt Net Worth
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Franklin D. Roosevelt Net worth – $60 million

 Born on January 30, 1882, in Hyde Park to Sara Delano Roosevelt and James Roosevelt who made a name, fame and marked his strong presence in the American history is Franklin D. Roosevelt. He did his Formal studies with a private tutor and by his parents. He did his BA Degree in History from Harvard and his law from Columbia University, New York.

FDR was the 32nd President of united states of America. He was a very dynamic and efficient leader who led the Country during the 2nd world war and the great depression. He had formed series of great reforms and worked in the empowerment of the nation world across. He was the only American President who was elected for four times.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Net worth

FDR started his early career in a New York Based Renowned Law firm. Gradually due to his interest in politics in the year 1910, he entered the field and got elected to the New York Senate as Democrat. Later he was appointed as the Assistant Secretary of Navy in 1913 and was made Commander-in-chief during the 2nd World War. Roosevelt was elected as the President of USA  in 1932 by defeating Herbert Hoover by 7 million votes which shows his popularity and leadership skills.

 FDR Net Worth In Past Years

FDR Net Worth In 2016 – $60 million

FDR Net Worth In 2015 – $52 million

FDR Net Worth In 2014 – $ 48million

FDR Net Worth In 2013 – $34 million

Franklin D. Roosevelt earnings

Franklin D. Roosevelt Net worth 2014-2015 – $7,058,824

Franklin D. Roosevelt Net worth 2013-2014 – $6,138,107

Franklin D. Roosevelt Net worth 2012-2013 – $4,705,882

Franklin D. Roosevelt Net worth 2011-2012 – $3,815,580

Franklin D. Roosevelt Net worth 2015-2016 – $8,117,647

Franklin D. Roosevelt earning per hour – $6849,32 per hour

Franklin D. Roosevelt earning per day – $164383,56 per day

Franklin D. Roosevelt earning per week – $1153846 per week

Franklin D. Roosevelt earning per Month – $5000000 per month

Franklin D. Roosevelt Net worth and Personal life

FDR got married to Eleanor Roosevelt at an early age of 22 in the year 1905. Both of them had a happy family with five kids. But after his affair with his secretary Lucy, his marriage life stuck hard. They did not divorce all there life but it was just a political decision to stay together. Once her wife said that it was like an elephant for her to be in this relation in which she can forgive him but cannot forget his betrayal. He was also detected with polio which paralyzed his bottom half of the body

Franklin D. Roosevelt last days and Death:

The 2nd world war created a stress in FDR mind and in 1944 he was detected with atherosclerosis, Coronary disease, and congestive heart failure. Along with this health condition, he continues to be an active part of the World war reforms. In 1945 after the Yalta conference on April 12, 1945, he suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage and died in peace.

American history had a great people who have been elected as the president of USA but Franklin D. Roosevelt will always be one of the most popular, prominent personality.