Chris Tucker Net Worth

Chris Tucker net worth
Chris Tucker net worth
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Chris Tucker Net Worth – -$11.5 million

An American Actor and Stand up comedian Who is in the Paradox of his life. Christopher Tucker who was once the highest paid actor is today in a negative net worth of -$ 11.5 million. Chris started Comedy jam in 1990’sat the Def Comedy Jam. He has been very famous for his role in films like Smokey in Friday movie, Detective James in Rush Hour films, and many more.

Chris Tucker Net Worth 

He started his film career from House Party 3 in 1994 and then there was no looking back. He acted with big actors, directors, and producers. He was also said to be the highest paid actor during his Rush Hour series. He also had a good income from comedy jamming and endorsements. His fame earned him a good sum but a twist in the tale took it all away.

Chris Tucker career in  Small Screen: 

Chris Tucker – Live in 2015

African American Lives in 2006

Chris Tucker earning through endorsement and sponsorship – $313725

Chris Tucker Salary per year: $1411765

Chris Tucker Salary in Second Honeymoon – $2,097,902

Chris Tucker Salary in Rush Hour 4 – $1,704,545

Chris Tucker Salary in Silver Linings Playbook – $1,298,701

Chris Tucker Salary in Rush Hour 3 – $974,026

Chris Tucker Salary in You Rock My World – $831,486

Chris Tucker Salary in Rush Hour 2 – $757,576

Chris Tucker Yearly earnings:

Chris Tucker yearly earnings in 2014-2015  – $1,411,765

Chris Tucker yearly earnings in 2013-2014 – $1,227,621

Chris Tucker yearly earnings in 2012-2013 – $941,176

Chris Tucker yearly earnings in 2011-2012 – $763,116

Chris Tucker yearly earnings in 2015-2016 – $-11.5 million

Chris Tucker Net Worth in Past Years:

Chris Tucker Net Worth in 2016 – $-11.5 million

Chris Tucker Net Worth in 2014 – $10,434,783

Chris Tucker Net Worth in 2013 – $9,600,000

Chris Tucker Net Worth in 2012 – $6,857,143

Chris Tucker Net Worth and The Financial Crisis:

It was a misfortune for Chris that even after his hard work, fame, name, and money there is a situation that today he is facing a foreclosure on his 10000 square ft Florida mansion which is of around $6 million. He owes $11 million in tax to IRD for the year 2001 to 2005. His Florida property is estimated to be $4.4 million.It was also publicly declared that Chris didn’t even have money to pay his bill he added that this situation arose due to Poor accounting and business management.

Chris Tucker Net Worth and Personal life:

Chris Tucker was born on 31st August 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia to Mary Louise and Norris Tucker. They were all six siblings. In very early age Chris started and groomed his humor and comedy skills. He did his graduation from Columbia High School in Decatur and later moved to LA, California to pursue his career. He presently has a teenage son Destin Chris Tucker who was born in 1998 in his past relationship with his ex-girlfriend Azya Pryor. Among the people who stand next to him in all his dark and light times is Jackie Chan who is the great friend for him Thanks to his Rush Hour Series. He presently has no house or mansion listed in his asset due to his Debt.

We hope that by next year Chris will overcome this his hard time and his net worth will convert from negative to positive.