Reasons why we will miss Shilpa on Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai

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On the Indian television Scene, there are a very few actress who are able to tickle the funny bone of the audience. One of them is Shilpa Shinde, famous for playing the character of Angoori Bhabhi.

Her fans across India are heartbroken by her decision to leave the show. We wish, the issues between her and the producers get sorted out soon, but it seems that both are poles apart. The way both have out blasted in public, there is a remote possibility for a solution.

With all the controversy going on, both the parties are losing out on some or the other. Shilpa would be losing an absolutely comical show and the the show losing its star attraction, Angoori Bhabi, a character with a dedicated viewership.

But the biggest losers are the audience.


Let’s explain…

Firstly, nobody can say, ‘Sahi Pakde hain’ the way Angoori Bhabi does.

shilpa shinde
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No one can possibly mispronounce English words and get show that there is nothing wrong in it. Even the funniest mispronunciations sound appealing and charming when Angoori Bhabi says it.

shilpa shinde story in serial
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No one can mispronounce Vibhutiji as ‘bharbhutiji’ and still give it a loving hint.

Aaashif in serial Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai
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The chemistry between Angoori Bhabi and Vibhutiji is something no other actors can duplicate.

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Whether she is happy or possessed, the way Angoori Bhabi dances around can get anyone laughing out loud.

Angoori bhabhi in serial Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai
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With seamless and effortless acting, the character of Angoori Bhabhi rather becomes lovable in every aspect rather than becoming a misrepresentation.

Angoori bhabhi - Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Episode
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