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first blood - one of best action movie
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This 1982 action film directed by Ted Kotcheff was a major hit in terms of an action film with Sylvester Stallone as the lead , playing  Rambo. It gave the world its action God in the form of Stallone. It was an American action adventure where the Govt releases Rambo from prison for a secret mission.


Terminator - Best action movie of all time
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The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger who plays the character of a human-looking robot , sent from 2029 to assassinate a waitress whose unborn son is believed to lead humanity in distant future. Directed by James Cameron, it is an all time favorite action thriller.


Predator - Best action films of all time
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This American sci-fi action horror film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a representative of an elite special forces agency is filled with action and thrill. While Arnold and his team are on a mission to rescue hostages , they find that they are being followed by an extra-terrestrial entity.


Assassins - One of the best action film of all time
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This 1995 action thriller directed by Richard Donner starred Sylvester Stallone as the lead. It is the story about how a professional hit-man , who is in someone’s hit list himself , manages to outplay his enemy’s game , with the help of a hacker.


Matrix - one of best action movies of all time
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It is an American-Australian neo-noir science fiction directed by the Wachowski brothers starring Keanu Reeves , Carrie-Anne Mosse , Hugo Weaving in lead characters. This is a story of a team that fights dangerously powerful underground war computers that are ruling the world through a system called The Matrix.


gladiator movie - One of the best action film ever made
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This film directed by Ridley Scott was a British-American historical action drama. Starring Russell Crowe as the lead , this action-packed 2000 film , had bagged the Academy Award for Best Picture.


Casino Royale - One of the best action movie of all time
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This is the twenty-first Bond film under Eon productions and for the first time starred Daniel Craig as the special MI6 agent who is after a mob banker , who is all geared up to win a high stakes poker game. Filled with action , life-risk ,and suspense through-out , this Bond film wins hearts with its swift twists and turns.


the dark knight - one of best action film of all time
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This Christopher Nolan film is the first of the Dark Knight trilogy ,starring Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker. This film bagged the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Role quite rightly as Heath Ledger seamlessly stole the show by his incredible performance .



Avenger - best movie of all time
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The 2012 film directed by Joss Whedon , deals with the story of the S.H.I.E.L.D leader being compelled to form a group of Avengers to save the world from the clutches of Loki – the villain , who has threatened to destroy planet Earth. The film grips you till the end as the Avengers risk their life to save humans and humanity on Earth.


Mission Impossible - one of best film series all time
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Mission Impossible is a series of action films made on the successful TV programme of the same name. Produced by and starring Tom Cruise as the IMF agent Ethan Hunt , all the series are packed with action and intelligent chasing. Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner are other important supporting characters that form Ethan’s team on screen.