Virender Sehwag Net Worth

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The nation India is basically a cricket loving country. Since many years, the common people of this nation have developed within them a love for this sport. Cricketers are admired and highly respected by the Indians. This is the only nation where the mob worship cricketers just like gods. India is well reputed for having numerous potential batsmen. One reputed cricketer who received special appreciation from cricketing experts and critics is none other than Virender Sehwag. This player of Indian cricket team has an enormous power over the outstanding net worth and achievements of his career. Virender is so adorable that his other team members affectionately call him ‘Viru’. He is even referred as modern cricket’s Zen Master. Just because of Virender’s high potential he is considered to be one of the ruling batsmen of India. Virender’s career is so consistent and uprising that he attained a total net worth of about 40 million dollar. Yes, Virender Sehwag Net Worth is 40 million Dollar. A cricketer of only about thirty years age has really earned a lot not only in case of net worth but also achievements.

Virender Sehwag Net Worth
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People admire Viru as he is an excellent right handed batsman, off- spin bowler and even part- time bowler. The income of Virender Sehwag per year is nearly 15 crore rupees. Though at present, Sehwag is not within Indian cricket team just because of his few poor performance yet he still now receives a handsome salary of about 2.8 million dollar or we may say seventeen crore rupees. Virender has a great income of nearly 6.9 million dollar which includes his winning amount and even bonus.

Virender Sehwag Net Worth is not fully dependent on his profession but also the brand endorsement assignments. At present, he bags a huge earning of two million dollar or twelve crore rupees annually. He endorses for top brands like J.K Cement, Royal challenge and even Hero Honda.

In the year 1999, this marvelous cricketer stepped into the world of cricket with ODI (one day international). After a time gap of two years, Virender joined with the test cricket team of India just for securing his stable position in the team and also his career. In 2008, Virender gained international fame after his achievement of the prestigious title of Wisden Leading cricketer basically for his best and excellent performance. In this manner, his career and also earnings as well as net worth continued to escalate more day by day. Among all the achievements and records, one of the memorable records of his entire career is by gaining highest record of a number of 319 runs in Indian test cricket’s history. Sehwag is also considered to be the passionate cricketer after scoring 250 runs by doing fastest batting. Sehwag’s contribution to Indian cricket is really great and hence he opts second and third position best Indian cricket for scoring 309 and 293 runs. He successfully scored triple century twice and even 5 wicket innings. His numerous records are the base behind framing such a fantastic cricket career.

Virender Sehwag Net Worth and earnings helped him to be the owner of luxurious cars like BMW5 series and many more.