Top 10 Adventure Travel Destinations in India

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Each and every corner of India has the potential to attract wanderlust people. India is not only unique in terms of culture, heritage but also full of various land forms starting from plain lands to mountains and from streams to oceans. India is so much diversified that adventurous people can opt for snow capped hilly mountainous slopes where as on the other hand romantic people may go to the coastal plains of south India. Among those innumerable places many are there who stands on top of tour lovers search list. Here are 10 of those adventure travel destinations in India.


If someone wishes to get the touch and feel of paradise then that place is definitely Kashmir. Natural beauty mingled with simplicity will surely make everyone mesmerized. The Dal Lake is an added x-factor of Kashmir as it allows tourists to wander through this place in Shikaras. White Mountains dazzling like diamonds when sun rays fall on them along with green beauty is a place which will add a lot of memories in a tour lover’s diary.


A fabulous place in North India surrounded by green pine trees and Beas River. The river adds up positive energy to this place. Manali is obviously a perfect tourist destination as it provides adventure along with a soothing calmness all around. If there is anybody who is searching for an exciting spot full of adventurous sports then that place is none other than Manali. Water rafting, mountaineering, fishing, skiing etc. attracts adventure lovers towards Manali. Apple orchards, pine forests have made this place a pleasure for the nature lover’s.


Is there anybody who is looking for a hot air balloon ride through a desert or a camel ride along the sandy path of cactus? Then, Rajasthan better known as the largest state of India is the best place for these adventures. Though very hot during the day yet wander lusts will surely love to grab such an experience. The ‘Pink city’ Jaipur adds an extra essence to this desert state of India. It is a state full of palaces, traditional food, national parks etc. Marvelous camel safaris help tourists to wander through the places like Bikaner, Jaisalmer etc.


Better known as Rajasthan’s pride, this place is one of the most visited travel destinations of India. Excellent art work can be seen throughout the majestic palaces of this place. One should never miss such a royal tour of Udaipur.


People who love to enjoy the life by wandering through off beat remote places and who are always on the search of a new world within their known world then Spiti Valley is one of the best place for them. This alpine land is located in Himachal Pradesh. Few tiny villages along with scattered monasteries fill up the Spiti Valley. This magical natural place is bounded by snow covered mountain peaks. This place also provides adventurous sports like yak safaris, mountain biking, trekking and many more.


This natural place receives the shadow of the Himalayas and enclosed by Nepal and Tibet. Utttrakhand attracts adventure seekers with her unspoiled forests, deep valleys where the facility of trekking is permitted. Few ancient holy spots are also present here. A large variety of alpine flowers will of course keep nature lovers mesmerized. Around 300 variety of flowers act as a bright colorful natural carpet with a background of White Mountains.


An alternative option for mountains is the sea coast. Adventure lovers can expect anything and everything from Goa. A place better known for the flow of youth energy and fun. Goa gifts tourists with large stretches of beaches along with Portuguese buildings, churches and of couse water adventure.


If someone is looking for delicious foods, colors then Chennai is the place which is full of oldest temples and definitely the reputed Marina Beach. The beauty of this famous beach will keep tourists spell bound who will return home with a bag full of colorful moments. Snake and crocodile parks acts as magnets that hypnotizes tourists.


One of the wonders of the world The Taj Mahal is the heart of this historical city. Agra is the ideal destination for people who wanders for culture as this city gifts tourists with forts, mosques etc.


This is indeed a perfect landscape with diverse cultures. The green palm trees, beaches, back waters are the multiple attractions of Kerala. Wildlife lovers should definitely visit this natural place.