Top 10 Things To See In London

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London is better known as a reputed expensive city in today’s world. It is a city which is full of colors and fun in each and every turns. This fashionable city has a very old history of around 2000 long years when the Romans settled beside the River Thames. This capital city of United Kingdom and England is filled up with fun and attractions. If someone is planning to visit London then here are the top 10 things to see in London. And one must not miss a chance to experience these magical attractions.

This expensive yet attractive city has everything to gift a tourist starting from outstanding stores to mouthwatering restaurants. But visiting London and experiencing the best things is surely going to be the most fascinating things in a person’s life.

1. London Eye

London Eye - One of the  best things to see in london
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This well reputed extra-large Ferris wheel is one of the best thrilling experience one can
grab from London. London Eye has another name and that is the Millennium Wheel. This wheel is just behind the River Thames’s south bank. It was introduced in order to celebrate its entry into the third millennium. Is there any other way to observe the entire beauty of London by chilling on the carriages of this wheel?

London eye is a best place to visit in london
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2. Tower of London

Visit tower of london
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We all have read about castles in fairy tales but if anyone wishes to have a view of a historic castle then it is not at all impossible as Tower of London is there to fulfill the childhood wish. This is Her Majesty’s official royal palace and fortress. This castle is a fascinating place for history lovers as they can satisfy their hunger of history from this place.

3. Tower Bridge

Among the other best things to see in London, Tower Bridge has become an iconic symbol of this colorful city. This bridge is one of the most visited bridges of London across the Thames River. One can get a lifelong experience from the engine room where one will understand the process due to which the arms of the bridge raises. This is an unique place to see the London Tower and also the historical river.

4. Buckingham palace

This is actually the authoritative residence of the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom. It is also the administrative headquarters. Westminster is the place where this palace is located.

5. Westminster Abbey

This royal cathedral is the place where the British sovereigns were crowned officially. It is a masterpiece of architecture just beside the Palace of Westminster. Thus, it is basically a splendid gothic church with history blended on all its parts.

6. Big Ben

This iconic clock tower is one of the most famous landmarks of London. It is one of the must see attractions of this historical city. This world famous structure is situated at the northern end of Palace of Westminster.

7. Madame Tussauds London

If one is willing to click pictures with the renowned people all over the world then he must visit Madame Tussauds London. One of the best known places for viewing the best wax works of the world is none other than Madame Tussauds London. It is the worldwide reputed waxwork house where almost the exact representations are presented.

8. The National Gallery

This art museum in Trafalgar Square indeed one the best things in London which has the capability to attract art lovers. The best collections of European paintings can be seen in this art gallery.

9. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is an enchanting place of greenery all around. It is a Royal Park of London and also a huge one. Extra added features of this park are swimming and boating in Serpentine Lake.

10. London Zoo

It is a place for having memorable fun with family. This zoo is situated near Regent’s park. Watching wild animals all around along with animal shows draws innumerable tourists almost every day.