Top 5 All Time Interesting Android apps

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So you have got a new Android. Nobody needs to tell you to download Facebook or WhatsApp. Everybody knows about the most popular apps in the world. But what else should you install?

The pre installed apps that come with any android are fine, but you’re without any doubt looking to get a whole to use out of your new Android. There are well over 1 million apps on Android, but hardly a few of them will really change the way you interact with your phone. These free to download apps fill in some fundamental feature gaps in Android and make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Here, we have hand-picked 5 different attention-grabbing applications that will keep you interested in using your Smartphone more prudently.

Android Device Manager

One the Top app android device manager
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It’s an app one hopes never need to use, but in case it’s an app that one should always keep in case of emergency. Android Device Manager is an app that allows tracking and securing Android devices remotely. Depending on the permissions given Android Device Manager, it can remotely track the devices, make them to ring, change the lock code, or completely wipe your devices through this handy little app.


Evernote Interesting Android App for mobile
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Evernote should be perhaps the most well-known digital notebook ever made. It’s almost the same with digital notes. And yet, a notebook app doesn’t even need no introduction and explains its popularity. The best part of Evernote is that it’s an app where you can add anything, from notes to scanned documents to photos and also find anything  added in seconds. And it does all that from any of your devices, for free, so you’ll truly never forget anything. Personal Finance

Mint Personal Finance Interesting App for Android
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Mint is the best personal finance software available in Google Market. It’s free but ad-supported, but even the ads are value addition to a fantastic tool for managing your money. Mint has the most proficient setup, superb usability, and well-honed gears to customize automation. Mint gives you the best control over your finances, even though it does most of the work for you.’s usability, awesome looks, and a smart blend of personal finance tools make it a natural download for people who want to keep a track of their spending, budget, and investments. With, there is nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher - Top in Market Android App
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Yes, Nova Launcher can be considered as the best thing ever happened to Android. Never-ending customization is important to many of us. Android is known of allowing anyone to do anything to the way their phone looks and how they want it to perform, and Nova Launcher just gives both the experienced and the newbie’s an easy way to do all with no hassles.

Nova Launcher is a great place to start if you really want a change from the normal way it looks or need more control on the way it does things.

Clean Master Phone Boost

Clean Master Phone Boost android app
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Clean Master isn’t just a great, wonderful, free, high rated Android cleanup tool; it’s a unique combination of several excellent apps in one, all of them highly configurable. Thats the reason why Clean Master is the sector’s most downloaded Android optimizer, reminiscence and velocity booster and highly rated apps at the Play Store, and if you don’t have a downloaded it yet, you should go download it immediately. It’s unmatched at bettering tool efficiency, disposing of junk and unsolicited mail information and defending in opposition to malware, Trojans ad viruses.

And there was you thinking that we were finished, these are just all time favorite apps. There are a plethora of apps for Android up to be downloaded. There’s an app for pretty much everything these days, and it’s easy browsing the selection in the Google Play Store.