Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump Net Worth
Donald Trump Net Worth
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Donald Trump Net Worth – $ 4.5 Billion

Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York. His parents were Fred Trump and Mary Anne MacLeod who was in the business of Real estate developer. Donald attended Fordham University and later to the University of Pennsylvania. After his education got over he joined his family business of Real estate Developer. Today Donald Trump is an American Businessman, Television Personality, Author, Politician and today he is a Nominee for President of United States from The Republican Party.

Donald Trump Net Worth:

Donald Trump’s income last year (not including dividends, interest, capital gains, rents, and royalties) – $362,000,000

Number of organizations in which Donald Trump holds a position – 515

Number of organizations that bear Donald Trump’s name or initials – 400

Total revenue from royalties for licensing the Trump brand to luxury hotels or products – $9,500,000

Annual pension received from the Screen Actors Guild – $110,000

Total value of Donald Trump’s stock, mutual fund, and hedge fund holdings – $78,000,000

Reported amount held in checking or savings accounts – $30,000,000

Amount earned during 14 seasons of “The Apprentice” on NBC -$213,000,000

Amount earned from direct-marketing company ACN Inc. for three separate speeches – $450,000

Amount earned from Samsung for a single speech – $150,000

Donald Trump’s reported net worth on his 2015 FEC disclosure –  $10,000,000,000

Forbes reported net worth for Donald Trump – $4,000,000,000

Amount Donald Trump has donated to philanthropic and conservations over the past five years – $102,000,000

Amount Ivana Trump took in the divorce settlement – $25,000,000

Donald Trump Investment Failures

Trump Airlines – $365,000,000

Trump Vodka – $15,000,000

Trump Casinos – $175,000,000 – $8,000,000

Donald Trump Net Worth & Properties:

Donald Trump is in real estate development business so land and property make a major part of his net worth yet the major properties are The Seven Spring Estate it is constructed over 200 acres with all luxury and cost around $7.5 million in 1995 when it was bought. The most famous property of Donald Trump is the Trump Tower which is the most luxurious apartment in the world and his sky palace is on the 66th floor. This wonderful piece of architecture is worth $300 million.

The next property on the list is kluge estate winery which is estimated to be $70 million project which is a beauty of art and a luxurious vineyard in Virginia. The most Famous and luxurious property in Trump’s real estate dairy is The Trump National Golf Course which is estimated to be $264 million in cost is said to be the most expensive golf course ever constructed. Lastly is the Mar-A-Lago estate which was built in 1924.Trump had bought this estate for $10 million in 1985. It is located in Palm Beach, Florida. The list is never ending with the small and big property.

Donald Trump Net Worth & Other assets:

Private Jets:

Boeing 757 it is a $100 million Private Boeing with all luxury in it.

He owns a $10 million Sikorsky S-76B it is named after his name as Trump chopper.


He owns a Mercedes – Benz SLR McLaren and Rolls Royce which cost him $3000000 which is itself a super luxury symbol.

Donald Trump is a well-known personality in the world and we wish him best luck for his future elections for the Presidential post of United States.