50 Cents Net Worth

50 Cents from a drug dealer to a rapper

50 Cents Net Worth
50 Cents Net Worth
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50 Cents Net Worth

 $16 Million legal and $160 million Actual

50 cents was born as Jackson III and grew up in Queens, New York. His upbringing was a dark childhood. His parents where high drug addict. He was grown along with his mother who was a Cocaine dealer and was murdered at an early age after which Curtis also got into this drug dealing due to which he got arrested and was put in jail much time. But to do his life on the street he was introduced to rapping and in prison, he made rapping music which gave him a stage name “50 Cent” which was a metaphor for change.

50 Cents Net Worth:

50 Cent Albums – $19,486,523

50 cents Singles – $4,605,557

Concerts – $74,587,500

Acting – $6,420,000

50 Cent YouTube Channel – $17,216,203

Endorsements – $52,000,000

Merchandise – $14,917,500

Business Deals – $103,000,000

Total 50 Cent Earnings – $292,233,283

50 Cent Salary (average) – $20,873,806

50 Cent Salary 2016 – $7,729,233

Taxes (50 Cent is in a 46.3% tax bracket) – $135,304,010

Expenses (15%/yr) – $43,834,992

Losses – $157,000,000

Investments – (6% added to 50 Cent net worth each year) – $15,643,563

50 Cent total Net Worth – $16,521,790

50 Cents Net Worth & Asset:

50 Cent Owns a plush mansion in Farmington which is spread over an area of 50,000 sq.ft. It is said that he had bought this mansion for $4.1 million and presently it cost around $14.5 million.It is a lake view mansion with a large swimming pool, indoor movie theater, A fully equipped GYM, and the list is never ending in Luxury.

50 Cent is a car lover and has various elite cars in his parking among those few cars are Lamborghini Murcielago, Rolls Royce Phantom, Pontiac G8, Ferrari F50, Ferrari 599 GT Fiorano, Pontiac Firebird Trans AM. Thus this million dollar Raper have added a large amount to his net worth through these assets.

50 Cent Net Worth & social causes:

Like other celebrities, this well-known Rapper is linked with various social causes like G-unity Foundation for improving the life of lower age group. The other social cause is Life Beat which works for HIV awareness. One major project which he is liked to is New York Restoration project. 50 Cent also supports a group of hospital known as Shriners Hospitals for children.

50 Cents Net Worth & Bankruptcy Story:

50 Cents have seen a dark childhood and was caught in various legal issues before he became a famous rapper but a major blow to his high net worth came last year. He has surprised the world by filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for protection. He had shown a debt of $32 million. It was assumed that this step was a move to get away from the penalty payment in a Sex tape Lawsuit. So after this, the major question that arises is that what is his actual net worth it is $140 million as assumed and calculated and from a legal point of view just a small $16 million.