Best Places to Visit in Europe During Winter

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As soon as the winter bell rings, people around the world feel the urge to inhale the beauty and smell of nature. Almost everyone remain in a vacation mood. If someone is planning to go abroad during the winter months then Europe is surely an ideal place. Europe’s cultural heritage, scenic beauties are the reason why Europe is on the top list of winter vacation destination. This continent is the homeland of 45 countries thus Europe is culturally and linguistically diverse.In this continent, the cold season comes in a number of disguises. One will get warm sunshine in the Mediterranean region, while people of polar north will be experiencing snow and sans sun weeks.People staying in the center remain in a comfortable Christmas mood at the same time.The most exciting event during winter is Venice, Italy’s winter carnival.

The best part of Europe during winter is that it has fewer tourists in this part of the year. Local people stay ina very relaxing and interacting mood. Another advantage is that tourists need not stand in queue while visiting museums or cultural sites. Now, before planning for the vacation to Europe one must know about the best places to travel in Europe in winter. Thus, keeping that in mind here are a few best places in Europe.

1. Abisko, Sweden

Serious winter lovers must choose this destination in Europe. Here sunrise cannot be seen in the months of December and January. But only for this darkness nature Abisko has become an outstanding place to feel the beauty of aurora borealis. Apart from this, exciting attractions like husky mushing and cross- country skiing by the trails of national parks enhance the charm of this place.

2. Athens, Greece

Athens one of the best place to visit in europe during winter
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winter is of course the perfect time to wander through the ancient cultural heritage of the country. The essence of local culture can also be enjoyed in this part of the year.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen - Good place to visit during winter
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During winter, this is better known as the fairy tale- like city of Europe as it is the home of Hans Christian Andersen. Coziness prevails in all corners of the city in winter as tourists may spend their time drinking hot molten chocolate, relaxing and also enjoying the awesome surroundings. In the month of February, Wonder cool occurs which is winter culture month of Copenhagen. One must not miss this event at any cost as it includes art shows, concerts in different venues as well as culinary events. The top visiting sites of Copenhagen are Christianity Slot, Tivoli Amusement Park etc.

Canary Islands

Canary Islands - One of the best place to visit
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Canary Islands is beyond comparison with any other places in Europe regarding its beauty and warmth during the months of winter.These islands have a lot of activities to gift the tourists. During winter, Canary Islands receive sunshine for about 200 hours. Tourists may enjoy sunbathe here due to its warm temperature. Fascinating history and dramatized beauty attracts people to explore within these islands. Tourists may go for a camel ride, explore foods or lay down on any of the white sandy beaches. This one of the best tourist place in Europe never disappoints anyone as a holiday destination during winter.